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Here at Drone Photography by Ryland, we specialize in special events, residential and Commercial Real Estate drone photography. Our drone operators are licensed by Transport Canada. We service a wide geographical area ranging from Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and even as far as Lethbridge. Real estate drone photography adds a new angle to what you are trying to capture and share. When trying to capture photos with a standard camera, you only think in 3 dimensions with limited range in the vertical. With Drone photography, we think in 3 Dimensions with a broader height range. Drone photography can help highlight the property lines. Whether you want residential or commercial photos, We have you covered! Drone photography covers a lot of different aspects and industries. Real Estate Property drone photography can highlight many essential features of the property, geographic area, and land features. Some areas of Calgary are difficult to get just the right photo.. Aerial real estate property drone photography might be your solution!

What We Do

Real estate drone photography taken in Calgary

Real Estate Property Drone Photography in Calgary

Ryland is an experienced Drone Photographer and Videographer who is passionate about capturing professional images and unique moments with his signature style. Based in Airdrie, Alberta with Service as far as Lethbridge and Edmonton. Ryland quickly became obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph: lighting, balance, composition and... flying. And for results like this, every drone flight has been worth it. Ryland also jumped through the Transport Canada hoops to insure that he is licensed and operating his equipment safely. He offers exceptional personal service for each and every one of his clients, so get in touch today and book your session.


Experience in both residential/commercial real estate and event drone photography.  We strive to ever expand our knowledge and services to agriculture, other events and beyond.


Driven to provide affordable, reliable, prompt real estate and special event photography/videography. Fast delivery of quality items by either USB flash drives, Dropbox link and/or  through Google Drive links.


Drone photography started out as a hobby and developed into a career.  While we maintain our professionalism in the way we conduct business and deliver results, we still find the joy every time the drone starts to climb.

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